Full Scale Virtual Research (FS-VR) offers a “reality” virtual research capability to guide Marketers to winning at the shelf. Their doors opened just 6 years ago, with a mission to provide full scale, interactive, shopping environments where shopper activity could be observed and winning “insights” extracted. Their main focus is package design, shelf planograms, and point-of-sale materials. Eye tracking and Touch tracking provides quantitative metrics to vette key shopping elements that ensure POP/HOLD/CLOSE winners.
Full Scale
Virtual Research
    John Milby, Co-founder, and CEO of Full Scale Virtual Research, has 35+ years of experience developing products and packaging. His accomplishments include new product entries, and patented packaging improvements that are proven winners in driving volume growth. 
     John was a pioneer in developing and bringing virtual shelf research to the forefront for Procter & Gamble. His personal passion for developing research methods and tools propelled the application of full scale virtual shopping research. His guiding principal was “consumers will know it when they see it; our challenge is to remove the limitations on what we can show them. Virtual packaging and shelf research is the path to our future.” 

     John has far exceeded all expectations with this virtual research capability. He attributes a lot of this success to partnerships he has formed, and maintained, to provide key technology and research service elements. Today he offers his knowledge, his entire network, and FS-VR’s unparalleled capability - to deliver “Winning at the Shelf” for his clients.

About Us

John Milby
Founder, CEO
​​“Virtual packaging and shelf research is the path to our future. What you can show with “Virtual” has no boundaries.”