Virtual Shelf: "The Wall"

Full Scale Virtual Research offers an innovative marketing research capability unparalleled in the market today. Our proprietary technology utilizes touch interactive, virtual shopping enviroments that are validated to exceed any other qualitative methodology in providing credible learning and insights.

We provide clients a seamless experience, with winning solutions, at substantial time and cost savings.

Proprietary ShopperLink

Looking for Insights

  • ​​Evaluate 6-8 package designs, 3-4 planograms 
  • Include promotional aisle displays
  • Test the impact of point-of-sale material
  • Test the impact of price points
  • Shop more than one category
  • ​Compare “test” to any product in the store
  • Rearrange an aisle per shopper input​​
                       ​ All in a single research session
   For the Shopper
  • "Touch" to select and purchase products​​​
  • Turn products for reading back/side panels
  • Shop 48 foot categories and/or multiple categories
  • Review purchases any time - add/remove products
  • "Drag & Drop" to show "most-to-least preferred 
For the Moderator
  • One touch screen captures for Shopper choices
  • Split second screen changes with a hand-held menu
  • Hand held control; screen menu, price, collaging
  • Custom screens to facilitate comparisons, preferences
  • Touch collaging - tell your story in pictures or words  

For the Research Team
  • Ability to react to learning in real time: 3 - 5 minutes
    • Add new/modified package designs
    • ​Re-arrange planograms with Drag/Drop
  • Reports illustrated with key screen captures
  • Increased learning - Reduced schedule / cost

Need Quant Data

  • Include Eye Tracking
    • ​Pop-Hold-Close metrics
    • Shelf Shopping patterns
    • Competitive comparisons
    • Signage influence
  • ​Include Touch Tracking
    • ​Shopping basket analysis
    • Price point analysis
    • Product adjacency influence
    • Aisle location influence