Shopper Insights

 “Understanding the drivers of at-the-shelf purchases can help brands improve their promotional strategies and better connect with consumers.”
– Deloitte American Pantry Study
 The consumer packaged goods industry is changing at a rapid pace. The lines between physical and digital are converging, creating a marketplace where consumers have more access to more choices and more information than even before.

As shopper’s report being overwhelmed by the vast amounts of brand and product choices at the shelf it has become pivotal to find new ways of engaging shoppers which can be one of the most complex chllenges that brands face. At Full Scale Virtual Research we strive to deliver the tools and expertise to help you win at the shelf and find new ways to make the shopping experience easier and less stressful.


Of purchase decisions are made at shelf

  • The longer a shopper spends looking for a product within a category, the greater the likelihood of them giving up and walking away from the shelf without putting anything in their basket.

  • Shoppers look at packaging and POS material for a fraction of a second on average, so extra time does not typically mean additional brand engagement.

  • A recent Consumer Reports survey, which found that 36% of those questioned said they were “overwhelmed by the information they had to process to make a buying decision.”