Virtual Shelf: "The Wall"

Full Scale Virtual Research offers a consumer market research tool unparalleled in the market today.

Our proprietary technology offers a fully interactive, touch capable shopper experience with fully comparable results to that of physical research. Just as in the store, products are exactly to scale with multi side visibility for easy comparison.

The result is a seamless experience with a substantial cost and time savings versus traditional research.
  • ​​Evaluate 6-8 package designs in context

  • Shop multiple planograms and/or categories

  • Include promotional aisle displays

  • Add point-of-sale material

  • Add/remove price points with one touch

  • Use touch tracking, screen capture, and purchase metrics for a comprehensive report

  • Unlimited product access: Quickly compare “test” to any product in up to a 36 foot category

  • Shelf Changes: Made in minutes with drag-n-drop

  • Package Design: Edit elements in real time - on site

  • Product Prototyping: Quickly add or remove features    
  • Mobile Eye Tracking: Seamless shelf to package with quant metrics on POP/HOLD/CLOSE​
  • Proprietary Shopperlink Software
  • 6’x12’ Programmable Touch Screen.

  • “Pantone Perfect” Pixel-to-Pixel Color Blending.

  • Imaging Resolution that Exceeds Vision Capability.

  • Replicate any Shelf Configuration – Change in Seconds.

  • Screen Changes Occur via Interactive Smart Pad Menu.

  • Quantitative Touch Analysis; Time, Sequence, Choice.

  • Ability to Read Back Panels, Make/Change Purchase Selections, and Review Basket Size.

  • ​Emotive Connection: Integrated collage building – story telling with pictures, words, concepts
  • ​Perfect for Eye Tracking, Collaging, Product Comparisons, Package Design, Brand Claims, Logo Comparison, A-B Website Testing.